Welcome to Ornith,

with our workflow product Kormoran Server® we supply a tool for stable and reliable execution of your IT processes.

We are very sorry that our Website pages for english speaking customers do not deliver a full equivalent of the german pages and we kindly ask for your patience. But of course you can use the english version of Kormoran Server® - it is fully functional with english menus and activity names ... and all tool tips inside the Setup or Client programs are english. So it´s ready to use for our english speaking customers. Just get your personal demo license today by filling out our demo order form.

And we are working hard on versions in other languages and we will deliver more of them in 2017 - promised! Which language do you need? Send us a mail and tell us your favourite language.

If you 

  • as a member of IT - are responsible for deploying and running IT-processes in your company
  • as a partner - support the IT at different customer sites
  • as a channel partner – have to deal with partners supporting customers

we are looking forward to get in touch with you.

You may contact us by mail or phone. Please consider german working hours when calling by phone or Skype (see our team page). Of course we deliver a demo license on a 24/7 basis by automatic processing with our Kormoran Server®.

Simply do it simple

Your Ornith-Team